Welcome to WIN INDIA - World of Industry INDIA 2016┬╗

International Trade Fair for Motion, Drive and Automation

MDA, IA, CeMAT, Surface Technology, Laser, Industrial Supply

1 - 3 December, 2016, Mumbai, India. Business Delegation from Nov. 30 to Dec. 04, 2016

One venue, four industrial shows, endless opportunities - this is WIN INDIA 2016!

World of Industry (WIN) INDIA 2016 will be demonstrating a complete range of products and services, from drive technology, mechanical transmission parts and systems, bearings, hydraulics and pneumatics to pumps and valves, automation components to factory automation systems, materials handling equipment to logistics infrastructure systems as well as surface technology products to electroplating and industrial components to composites.

The message behind "Integrated Industry - Join the Network!" is that the key challenges of the fourth industrial revolution - such as achieving universal standards for machine-to-machine communication, maintaining data security and finding new business models - can be mastered only through collective endeavour in networks. World of Industry INDIA (WIN) 2016, in its 10th edition, will be demonstrating complete range of products and services, from Hydraulics and Pneumatic to Electro-Mechanical Transmission, automation components to process and factory automation systems, materials handling equipment's to logistics infrastructure systems. These shows will be special attractions for the industry.

Aim of the business delegation
The business delegation to WIN INDIA aims at providing small and medium sized companies a substantial overview
of the Indian market, investment opportunities and incentive programmes in India. We provide first points of
contact to companies in the industry, in order to enable decision-making towards entering the Indian market and
establishing first contacts in this sector.

Target Group
Target group of market exploration are small and medium sized manufacturing companies from the areas
of Automobile, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Solar and Wind Energy, Agriculture Machinery, Construction Equipment
Manufacturers, Metallurgy, Retail & e-Commerce, Warehousing & Logistics, Food Processing & Packaging and many

For delegates, other costs such as flight, hotel accommodation, visa, catering and logistics in India, will be charged
extra. For more details, please review this link or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.